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James Anderle

James is the owner and president of the company. He has been with the company since 1974. 

Connie is the owner and vice-president of the company. She has been with the company since 1974. 

Connie Anderle

David is the store manager. He has been employed here since 1993. 

David Bolivar


John Anderle

John is the son of James and Connie.  He is committed to continuing the legacy.  He joined the team 2014.

Kim Burks

Kim is a full time office secretary.  She has been employed here since 2004. Kim’s ability to cover both the office and the sales floor  make her another great addition to our staff. Kim is one real team player.  

Jose Vargas

Jose is the newest addition to our team.  He began working here in August of 2016 and has quickly become a key player out in the yard.  Hard working and committed well describe Jose

Rico Bolivar
Eddie Gann
Corey Bruce
Shane Epperson
Joel Uvalle
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